TLH student Avery Hamlin reviews January Album of the Month

The greatness of “The Greatest Showman: Reimagined”

by Avery Hamlin, Memorial Contributing Writer


The movie, The Greatest Showman, released Dec. 8 of last year, is known for its critically acclaimed soundtrack. With such great feedback from “The Hamilton Mixtape,” released in 2016, Atlantic Records saw no reason not to share their successful album with famous musicians and singers. Thus, “The Greatest Show: Reimagined” was created; the album features popular artists such as: Panic! At The Disco, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, James Arthur, Sara Bareilles, Zac Brown Band, Pentatonix and Kesha appearing in bonus tracks.

The album starts off with “The Greatest Show,” sung by Panic! At The Disco (P!ATD) where Brendon Urie adds his own personal flair by beginning the song with a similar style to his song, “Death of a Bachelor.” His voice perfectly fits with Hugh Jackman’s and does not disappoint. Along with P!ATD singing “The Greatest Show,” the album features Pentatonix in a bonus track of the same song. Their acapella twist certainly makes it unique, but it did not live up to the high standards created by P!ATD and Jackman.

Clarkson is widely known for her powerful belt and strong vocals. It only seems right to give Clarkson “Never Enough” and this isn’t her first time on a remake album. She appeared on The Hamilton Mixtape in 2016, singing one of Hamilton’s legendary songs, “It’s Quiet Uptown.” Clarkson has an amazing over-the-top voice, but there seems to be a line that has to be drawn. When seeing Clarkson’s name on the album, I was automatically thrilled and excited to see what she has done with “Never Enough,” an already extremely impressive and well-sung song by Loren Allred. However, I was sadly disappointed.. The remake added too many effects with a beat that seemed it could have fit perfectly in a rap song, but not a song this delicate and calm.

Bareilles is commonly known for jazzy spinoffs on classics and she has not failed to amaze. One of the most romantic songs in the film known as “Tightrope” originally sung by Michelle Williams takes a new turn with the voice of Bareilles transforming it into a slow heartfelt ballad. She keeps somewhat to that same tempo to stay true to the original song, but adds dreamy harmonizations and vocals.

While looking through the album for the first time, it was shocking to come across the Zac Brown Band. They seemed to be an odd choice for a soundtrack like “The Greatest Showman” and the song, “From Now On,” didn’t appear fit their style considering it begins with a slow piano and fits in a different genre from the band’s most popular songs, “Chicken Fried,” “Colder Weather” and “As She’s Walking Away.” Zac Brown Band’s version of the song mixes it up by beginning the song with a faster paced banjo that makes it sound nothing near the original. Zac Brown’s extraordinary voice gives the listener shivers as he completely transforms the lyrics. He adds different dynamics to articulate and emphasize certain important lines and this is the type of song that could be played over and over again and I would never grow tired.

“The Greatest Showman: Reimagined” has won my heart. Seeing popular artists of all different backgrounds coming together to work on the same project amazes me. The variety and amount of selection this soundtrack gives makes sure every person, from any age group, has a song they can relate to and sing along to. This is not any normal children’s musical soundtrack, like “Frozen”… this is “The Greatest Showman: Reimagined.”

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