YouTube Skills: Gear and Equipment

Hey, Lesson House— Tara here!

Last week’s “Intro to Youtube Skills” masterclass was one of my favorites we’ve done so far. If you missed it, don’t worry- I will most definitely host another. And for those who came to this Intro class, I’m putting together a Level 2 class for you so we can learn even more and dig in deeper!

We spent most of our time practicing framing and lighting shots that look well thought-out and professional. (Getting the exposure right is crucial!) We worked with our phones and a few different pieces of simple equipment.

Here are some links to the devices we used in the masterclass, and a few others you might want to invest in when you’re ready to take your video production to the next level!

As always, I’m here for anything you need or questions you may have. You can always reach me at Light and love,



Selfie Light w/ Phone Clamp and Universal Arm: *option w/remote!

Table Mount:

Clamp Flex Mount:

Mini Tripod w/ Bluetooth Remote:

Tripod w/ Selfie Light:

50” Tripod:

Shutter Remote:

LED Panel Light:

Umbrella Light:

USB Microphones: (record directly into your phone!)

Blue Snowball:

Condenser “Studio” Mic:

Condenser “Studio” Mic w/ Filter:

OTG (on-the-go) Adapter:


Open Camera allows your device (phone) to use external audio from a USB mic.

iMovie is one of the best and most streamlined video editing apps. You can use the software program on your Macintosh computer or download the device-friendly app!