August masterclass brings Bobbi Holliday to TLH!


"Songwriting" with singer/songwriter and vocal coach Bobbi Holliday 

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Bobbi Holliday is a singer. songwriter. and dreamer, based in Woodward, Oklahoma. For all of her 26 years music has been part of her being. She has been on the stage since she was 3 years old and wrote her first song at the age of 7. Bobbi has had her songs on the radio, written theme songs for award winning indie films, Performed for the likes of Duck Dynasty Stars Phil and Kay Robertson, The Oklahoma City Thunder and many more. Her strong family connection has continued throughout her career as she claims her favorite performances are when her husband, Nathan and brother, Chris are playing beside her. Grounded in her faith and propelled by a desire to entertain, Bobbi Holliday is ready for the here and now. The question is - are you ready for Bobbi Holliday? 

Have you ever wondered how to take your finished song and turn it into a successful product? How to build great co-write relationships? The secret to writing a hit song? In this months Masterclass, Bobbi will answer all these questions and more as she covers everything from the creative side of songwriting to the business side. Enroll below! 


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