2017 Auditions & Performances

Hello Lesson House! 

It's great to have you back! We are two weeks into the Fall 2017 session and we have loved setting new goals with you and diving into some great music. At The Lesson House we believe it's important for our students to be active participants in the local music community, so we have put together a list of local audition and performance opportunities. We strongly recommend taking advantage of these opportunities as they come up in order to gain experience singing and performing in front of an audience. (With experience comes confidence!) Oklahoma City has a thriving and growing music culture with everything from the Theater to the Opry! Don't be afraid to try something new this semester! After all, being a well rounded musician means exploring music in all its forms. Talk to your instructor about preparing for your auditions this week.

The Sooner Theatre

Lyric Theatre Of Oklahoma 

Upstage Theatre

Rodeo Opry 

OKC Thunder National Anthem 

The Lesson House Christmas Showcase