June 2nd - July 27th


We are so excited about your decision to pursue music! Please submit the following form to complete your enrollment. 

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Edmond North, 9th Epic Charter, 4th
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Tuition & Late Fees *
Tuition is due on the 1st of every month of the current session. Reminder notices will be issued in the event that payment is late. Failure to pay by the 5th of the month will result in a $15.00 late fee. Delayed payments may result in the student's lessons being put on hold. (This does not apply to Drop-In lessons.)
Making Payments *
Payment to The Lesson House instructors will be received via PayPal. You will be sent an invoice before the due date each month. If you book a Drop-In lesson, you will be invoiced by the instructor and the payment is due prior to your scheduled lesson. THE LESSON HOUSE DOES NOT ACCEPT CHECKS
Cancellation & Make-Up Lessons *
24 hour's notice is required in order for the absence to qualify for a make-up. Students may arrange no more than 2 make-up lessons per session. Refunds and make-ups will not be given for missed lessons; this includes but is not limited to sickness, schedule error, traffic and negligence. In the event that the instructor cancels a lesson, you will be contacted to schedule a make-up.
Terminating Lessons *
Enrollment is designed as a semester agreement. Should the student decide to terminate the agreement before the conclusion of the contracted session, The Lesson House requires the remaining balance to be paid in full.
Expectations & Preparation *
Students should come prepared to show their progress and understanding of the material. They are expected to arrive in a timely manner and with all their required materials. Developing healthy practice habits is crucial in musical growth. Parents, your encouragement in this is vital! The Lesson House expects its students to put forth the effort and enthusiasm necessary to show consistent growth and artistic development.
Photo Release *
The Lesson House is herby granted the permission to take photographs of students to use in brochures, posters, websites, & other advertisements.